The following members of the Advisory Committee on Small Public Service Vehicles (SPSVs) have been appointed by the Minister for Transport to advise the NTA or the Minister, as appropriate, issues relevant to small public service vehicles and their drivers.

Each member may serve a three year term and may be reappointed by the Minister.

Membership of the Advisory Committee on Small Public Service Vehicles

Name Offer of Position
Mr. Cornelius O’Donohoe Chairperson
Mr. John Murphy SPSV
Mr. Kevin Finn SPSV
Mr. David McGuinness SPSV
Mr. Alan Fox SPSV
Mr. Michael Barrett SPSV
Ms. Joan Carthy Persons with Disability position
Mr. Peter Fleming Older Persons position
Mr. James Cawley Consumers positions
Ms. Ann Campbell Business position
Mr. Al Ryan Tourism position
Mr. James O’Brien Special interest or expertise position
Mr. Noel Ebbs SPSV
Mr. Christopher Kitchin SPSV
Superintendent Tom Murphy DMR Roads Policing, Dublin Castle
Ms. Mary Henchy DoS DLRD