STEP 1 – (Before the Challenge)  Set up, register – team name and members:

  1. Register the team name (Team Captain) on
  2. Set up individual accounts (all team members*) to log steps; and
  3. Now you are ready to watch your progress and view leaderboards on

STEP 2 (once the challenge begins) – COUNT YOUR STEPS

Your Available Step Counter Options:

  • Chose a preferred app (download in the app store); Or
  • Use your own pedometer, active tracker or step counter

Remember to log your steps on the Active Travel Logger website

You can log on a daily or weekly basis, and can backlog for up to 10 days (except for the final leaderboard, but we’ll be in touch to flag this with you). If you’re using any step counter, you or your Team Captain will need to log details manually on the Active Travel Logger website.

**  Remember to only log what’s on your step counter! So aerobics, running and gardening are fine – but NOT cycling, swimming or other activities where you do not wear a step counter – these are not included.

What do I do if I forget to bring my Step Counter on one of the days of the Challenge?

You can estimate your steps based on another similar day in terms of activity.